Cultures gets a massive update on the iPad

Today, the free-to-play strategy title Cultures received a big expansion on iPad which offers numerous new areas to discover and a lot of content. Cultures has a combination of engaging MMO-roleplaying and enjoyable construction and management simulation.

A new continent has been discovered! In ‘The Group Brawl for the Americas’ you set your sails or gather your whole tribe and conquer colonies in America, where you can quarry valuable resources and construct epic Wonders of the World, which will give you mighty boosts. In America you may also descend into many new unique dungeons, where powerful item-sets are waiting to be found. But be aware that colonies are rare and other players will fight you for your colony. 

‘The Cult Chamber’ is the right place to show your plunder off to your friends. Additional worthy decorations can be crafted and neatly arranged and they give you an extra bonus on your dungeon set items.

More details on the features of ‘The Group Brawl for the Americas’

  • The naval office

On your island you will have to reconstruct the naval office, which can host up to two colonies after being captured. To survive the long journey to the new continent, you need to build a ship able to pass over the ocean.

  • Conquering colonies

In order to conquer a colony, you need a ship for the high seas and a hero with an appropriate level.

  • The tribe colony

In every territory there is, among the normal colonies, one tribe colony, which can only be conquered by a full tribe. They possess certain special abilities like a travelling merchant and can build Wonders of the World, which give boosts to all members of their tribe.

  • Construction sites

In your conquered colony, you can construct multiple buildings in several places at once. Some can even be built twice, which adds up their bonuses.

  • Wonders of the World

In every tribe colony rests a construction site for the local Wonder of the World. Each of them provides their tribe with a special bonus.


More detailed features of ‘The Cult-Chamber’

Here you can create your individually designed hall of fame – new items and construction parts will be found during your quests. Place, move and rotate objects and trophies, change the walls and the floor to your personal wishes and craft high-class furniture by combining some simple ones. Show your friends your adventures and achievements in a creative way!

29 Outubro 2014 | Raiden


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