About Arcade Pixels

Formerly known has Enciclopédia Lusa for the first 20 months of the website existence, Arcade Pixels is a projet that is all about building the largest videogame library. After starting small with the support of the Portuguese language, it was decided that the 80.000+ games, the 100+ platforms, and the thousands of videos, screenshots and bits of information had grown to gather the atention of a much bigger public, crossing the international borders. In September 1st 2013 the website begun its translation process and rebranding to serve a much larger public with the English language.

Arcade Pixels was founded on January 16th 2012 with a database of 73.000 games becoming the largest European videogame database, #3 in the world. Besides the focus on the latest games, Arcade Pixels keep alive the retro segment with hundreds of videos, games and information. This allowed the site to become an important statistic tool about industry of videogames that is supported by the features available in the site.

Arcade Pixels is the result of a lot of dedicated and continuous work and effort to bring the knowledge to the gamer community of all ages. We appreciate your support.